Care Instructions

Care Instructions
We want your tees and prints to last as long as possible. Ensure you cold wash inside out with like colours. For the 3d Titty range a spot/hand wash is best to prolong the life of the velco attachment. 

Before Wearing
*Please ensure you wash your shirt before wearing for the first time. We do use pre-treatment that remains on the garment until washing. (safe for infants) 
Do not expose to direct sunlight prior to washing. 

What is this weird mark on my shirt? 
Due to the preparation process before printing our shirts, there may be a slight yellowish discolouration on some of our lighter coloured shirts or a shiny outline on dark colours. We spray a salt/mineral based pre-treatment solution. This is an extra step we do to prolong the longevity of our prints. (Some brands opt not to do this for light colours however we want ours to last as long as possible)

This process can sometimes cause discoloration on light shirts or leave a shiny finish/white specks on dark shirts. This is temporary and will come out after washing. Please ensure you wash your shirt before wear and follow the care instructions.